Accelerate Controlled Growth In Your Business






Do you want to spend more time
growing your business and maximising your profits?

As the owner of an SME or start-up you want to spend your time growing your business and maximising your profits.  You do not want to spend a lot of time occupied with routine administration tasks that tie you or your team’s valuable resources up.

Of course these are important and need to be done, but there is nothing to say that you have to do them yourself and you certainly don’t want them spilling into your precious free time in the evenings, at weekends or on holiday.

So, if you constantly find yourself in the situation, like Alice in Wonderland, of having 6 impossible tasks to do before breakfast, now could be the time to enlist the support of a flexible, virtual assistant (FlexiVA).

Why should I hire a FlexiVA?

A FlexiVA can help you with all the things a normal executive/personal assistant would do, from simple admin tasks to more skilled ones. 

By using a FlexiVA you don’t need to hire a permanent member of staff, so no recruitment fee, salary, employment contract, sick pay or pension contributions.  There are also no office space requirements or PC and phone costs to pay. 

Experienced help is available immediately so that you can get the support you need, whenever you need it.  You can book time on an ad hoc hourly basis or go for an agreed amount of time on a regular basis and you can scale your package up or down to suit your requirements should things change. 

What tasks could be outsourced to A FlexiVA?

Tasks you might outsource include:

  • Diary and e-mail management, to do lists and any deadline management
  • Editing and formatting documents, creating and managing spreadsheets, letter writing, CRM database management
  • Travel, accommodation and event arranging
  • Creating invoices and purchase orders, bookkeeping, credit control, account reconciliation and VAT returns
  • Expenses processing
  • Sourcing products and services and ordering supplies
  • Data entry and audio transcription
  • Managing and following up on enquiries/quotes
  • Market research
  • Marketing support, research, mailshots, collateral design and production
  • Providing holiday and sickness cover, planning rotas

There is also assistance available for non-corporate personal life stuff, holiday arrangements, property management, etc….



After all time is money!

Let us take the strain and let you get on with running your business by providing a wide range of secretarial and administrative services.  This is for SMEs and start-ups looking to outsource laborious and time-consuming tasks that distract them from the running and growing of their business.

Work is carried out in an efficient, timely and proficient manner with clear understanding of your business needs.  Work is carried out with complete confidentiality, professionally and with commitment to the working relationship.