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“Would you like FlexiFD to help accelerate controlled growth in your business?”

Whether you are a start-up or an established SME we are here to support you.

Additionally we have experience in guiding companies through periods of turmoil and corporate distress.

Don't Leave It To Chance

The business world can be unpredictable at times. Sometimes, the future of your business is not in your hands, especially if you find yourself in the middle of a pandemic or the likelihood of a recession. But if you don’t adapt to whatever situation may arise, you’re either setting yourself up for success or sending yourself back to square one.

When you’ve grown your business up from scratch, it’s difficult to make the necessary changes to survive or to determine what needs fixing. But with a fresh pair of eyes, FlexiFD can get to the source of the problem and decide what needs changing in your infrastructure.

FlexiFD wants to keep businesses up and running as this crisis unfolds, providing support, critical business advice and strategy planning. Whether the numbers are flying over your head or your business needs restructuring or crisis management, FlexiFD is the way to go.

Why FlexiFD?

Firstly, we are not a “normal” accountancy practice.

FlexiFD is a dedicated team of highly qualified and experienced Financial, Commercial and Operational Directors; each of us has a minimum of 30 years of senior level experience in start-ups, SMEs and larger companies.

Not all companies can afford, or in fact need, full-time highly experienced professional staff.    We offer a ‘pay as you go, as much as you need’ service.  Our clients rent/borrow our experience for a fee.  Consequently, as a business owner you benefit from years of accumulated knowledge and experience for a fraction of the cost of full-time employees.

Our team has wide multi-sector experience:  High Tech, Consultancy, Telecoms, Advertising, Franchising, Recruitment, Manufacturing, Import/Export, Construction and Hospitality.  We are therefore able to pair clients with support from a professional with your or similar sector experience.

Let FlexiFD support you in achieving your business ambitions and goals.